Sinotruk HOWO 6×4 371hp 20Tons Road Wrecker Rescue Truck

Sinotruk HOWO 6×4 371hp 20Tons Road Wrecker Rescue Truck Lifting Capacity:20Tons. TWO 10Tons Winches. Hoisting Capacity:12Tons

Product description:

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1. Function: Our Wrecker tow truck consists of the chassis, hoisting equipment,truck tow hook, tow truck winch, tow truck wheel lift, hydraulic system, electric control system, truck body and the tool boxes.

2. Application: Widely used in road, police traffic, airports, docks, auto repair company, industry and highway departments, timely,  fast clean-up accident, failure, illegal and other vehicles.

3. Capacity: 20-60tons

  1. The CLWTRUCK 30-ton rotator recovery vehicle is a highly useful vehicle when it comes to heavy recovery operations, offering the ability to tow and lift heavy loads. The lightweight design and strengthened SINOTRUK truck chassis of this model offer versatility and reliability. It has a wide range of heavy-duty operation coverage, and strong outriggers help to stabilize the vehicle during challenging road conditions.
  2. The standard features of the truck-mounted crane include a split carriage, wireless remote control device, dual 15-ton hydraulic winch with 45 meters of cable, Haizhanli oil cylinder, Hefei Wany hydraulic pump, Italy Hyde hydraulic valve, and Jiashan power take-off.
  3. Truck mounted crane‘s optional features include a long row of engineering warning lights (LED) with strobe or normal settings.
  4. In addition to the standard features, the 30-ton rotator recovery vehicle also offers optional features such as a long row of engineering warning lights (LED) with strobe or normal settings. This vehicle is designed to perform well in various challenging terrains and offers superior performance to meet the demands of heavy recovery operations. Its wireless remote control device makes it easy to control and operate from a distance, while the dual 15-ton hydraulic winch with a long cable enables it to tow heavy loads.



The truck specification:

 Cabin Driving type 6×4, Right hand drive  



HOWO 76 cab, with air condition and one bed, 70°hydraul`ically tillable to the front as attached photo for ref.

Vehicle Main Dimensions Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 10695×2500×3800
Wheel base  (mm) 5800+1350
Wheel track  (front/rear) (mm) 1830/1830
Approach/Departure angle(°) 16/18
Weight in KGS Tare Weight 21000
payload 25000
Front axles loading capacity 1×9000
Rear axles loading capacity 2×16000
Engine Brand Sinotruk
Model WD615.47
Type 4-stroke direct injection ,  6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling
Horse Power(HP) 371
Emission standard Euro Ⅱ
Gearbox HW19710, 10 Forwards gear & 2 reverse gear
Tire 12R22.5  tubeless tire with one spare
Clutch Reinforced diaphragm clutch, diameter 430 mm
Steering ZF8098
Oil tank 400L
                                  Special Device For Wrecker System
Towing Max Towing Weight (kg) 25000
Hoisting Organ Rated under-pulling capacity(kg) 12000
Max Under-hoisting Capacity with all extension (kg) 6000
Max Under-hoist length (mm) 1728
Under hoisting work angle -10~85°
Lifting Organ


Max lifting capacity(kg) 16000
Max lifting high(mm) 4782
Telescope length(mm) 8172
Winch 10000kgs×2
Steel rope 40M,Φ18
Crane luffing angle 5°~  23°

Landing Leg

Distance between front legs(mm) 0
Distance between rear legs(mm) 1450

Upper configuration:

Heavy duty double axle obstacle removal vehicle of SINOTRUK HOWO, 20 ton conjoined top mounted,

two-section hexagonal boom, three supporting arms, split carriage, imported hydraulic system,

bilateral linkage operation device, and counterweight is installed on the front bumper. Two 10Tons electro-hydraulic winches, 45m steel wire rope, 18mm in diameter,

equipped with 4 sets of steel forks, 1 set of trailer set, 1 set of steel plate lifting lug towing fork, 1 set of tire holding device, 1 set of onboard tools,

1 set of auxiliary lamp assembly, 1 set of auxiliary air pipe assembly.

1 set of yellow long row LED engineering alarm lamp.Our company’s obstacle removal vehicle adopts foreign advanced and skilled product technology and production technology, all imported seals and reinforced beam fixation, which enhances the bearing capacity.

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