SHACMAN Sewer Jetting Truck

•SHACMAN 6×4 Truck Chassis
•Sludge Tank Capacity 7000L
•Water Tank Capacity 3000L
•Reliable Vacuum Vane Pump
•ISO9001 Certificate Plunger Pump
Vacuum hydro excavator truck (also referred to hydrovac,hydro excavator,hydro excavation truck,vacuum excavator truck,vacuum jetting tanker truck, jet vacuum cleaner truck, vacuum jetting tanker, sewer jetting truck,sewer jetter truck,vacuum jetting tank body, sewage suction jet tank, sewage vacuum truck, etc.) uses high pressure water jet nozzles to blow apart and flush sludge and grease out of drains and drainfilelds.Also vacuum hydro excavator truck is wildely used to clean and collect liquid such as waste oil,dirty water, sludge, septic, crude oil and solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well. It is suitable for cleaning the sewer, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field.

Product Details

SHACMAN Sewer Jetting Truck

7CBM Sludge+3CBM Water


The sewer jetting truck conforms to the specification in all respect and with a comprehensive amount of spare parts for the vehicles, tank, pump and jetting equipment.

Supply and deliver to the employer’s storage area as directed by the engineer sewer jetting truck. The sewer jetting truck shall conform to the specifications in all respect and with a comprehensive amount of spare parts for the vehicle, tank, pump and jetting equipment.


Sewer jetting truck of the following capacity:

-Heavy duty wheel base for gross vehicle weight of approx.18000kg; four-stroke water cooled diesel engne of net horsepower of not less than 270hp; 6 speed manual transmission, left hand drive, color of the body RAL2011(orange).

-Tank of capacity not less than 8m3

Made of steel sheets of not less than 5mm thickness, minimum 2 interior shells, tool box along the sides, color of the tank body RAL2011(orange).

-High pressure plunger type pump of capacity approx.3201/min at 150 bar working pressure.

-Pressure hoses 120m and 20m with various nozzles and spray gun.

-Manufacturer’s tool box and kit and special tools as recommended by the manufacturer.

Inclusive of :

Re-delivery inspection after shipment.

-Introduction and training on the vehicle and equipment of 3 employer’s staff for 3 days

Warranty 12 months from delivery or 20000km, whichever comes first, service at 1000km.

-Spare parts for tank vehicle and jetting pump and equipment

Supply and deliver to the employer’s storage area the following spare parts and equipment:

-Complete plunger pump set as per specification.

-Set of spare parts for plunger pump, for tank and for jetting system and safety devices for 5 years of operation as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

-Set of spare parts for vehicle wheelbase, engine and cabin for 5years of operation as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.


●  SUPER SV PLANT: We are market leader in the production of sewer jetting truck in China.

●  PRODUCTIVITY: 670,000Sqm facility, 1,500 workers, 28 assembly line ,yearly output 20000 units special trucks and 10000 sets of construction ensure your bulk delivery.

●  EURO TECHNOLOGY: Applied 150 pcs of Patents. Advanced engineering made our tank trucks well reputation.

●  CERTIFICATED MATERIALS: High quality tanks in SS, aluminum or steel with durability.

●  QUALITY CONTROL:GB/T19001-2008, ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard certificated.

●  CUSTOMIZED: We can make whatever specialized feature you need for your next tanker.

●  VARIETIES: We are engaged in providing rich choice in options for your fleet.

●  RELIABILITY: Effective performance and also low maintenance.PROFESSIONAL: Our experienced engineering team, will support you in finding the best logistical solution.



●  Sludge Tank (Thickness 6mm steel ) Volume: 7cbm . Water Tank(Thickness 5mm steel ) 3cbm

●  Combination wash /Hydro Vac system

●  WEILONG Vacuum pump, TONGJIE Plunger Pump (16-19Mpa, 335L/min)

●  120M pressure hose, 19mm diameter, Reel speed at 0-25m/min

●  Water flushing width 2.5m-3.5m, pressure 9Mpa, 120L/min, Cleaning width > 16m , Water Gun Range >38m.

●  Sludge Tanker,

●  High capacity cyclone with full opening lid.

●  2” quick acting brass drain valve (heated) mounted on front head.

●  2-4” air open/spring close valve. Camlock fitings.1-6” discharge valve.

●  Hydraulic full opening rear door assembly with 6 heavy-duty wing clamps.

●  Double acting hydraulic cylinder.

●  4” pipe overturn protection and gussets.

●  1-6” exhaust and 1-6” intake

●  Full length hydraulic dump subframe

●  Hydraulic reservoir, hydraulic oil filter and sight glass.

l  Spool valve control of rear door, hoist and vibrator. Separate controls for wash pump(inside cabinet).

l  Hydraulic vibrator assembly on the bottom of the tank.

l  Full length steel checker plate fenders,

l  Tubular handrails, numbered placards, static ground cable ,toolbox complete with rain lip.

l  6” or 8” suction boom assembly with 4’ extension-hydraulic powered functions and extension.

l  Electronic /Hydraulic pendant controls with 25’ of cable. Boom fully extends to 16’ .

l  10pcs of different size Nozzles

l  Color as customer specifications.

l  Many more options available on request.


Chassis Model SX1255DM564R F2000
Chassis Type Sewer truck chassis
Drive Mode 6×4
Wheelbase 5575+1400
Engine 300 hp
Transmission 9-forwards, 1-reverses
Chassis length in 11660mm
Chassis width in 2490mm
Chassis height in 3270mm
Kerb mass (kg) 11030kgs
Recommended Loading 11 Ton
Gross Vehicle Weight 25 Ton
Max Driving Speed 90 KM/h
Manufacturing by Shaanxi heavy duty   automobile Co.,Ltd.
Loading Type Heavy duty
Approach Angle

Departure Angle

9 °

8 °

Front Overhang

Rear Overhang

1530 mm

3500 mm

Front Track

Rear Track

Front 2010mm

Rear 1860mm

Model WP10.300 E22
Series Phaser180Ti
Cylinders 6 nos.
Fuel Type Diesel
Cylinder Lineup Vertical in line
Displacement 9.726L
Emmission Euro2
Max Output in kw 221kw
Cabin Full steel skeleton   structure, covered with double layer steel plate; Can be tipped forwardly;   High back with arm seat for driver, high back seat for co-driver;

With inner A/C

Cab Model
Cab Type Flat cabin, with sleeper
Passengers Allowed 3 Nos
Seats and Sleeper Line Seats Line: Front driver   seat & Co-driver seat.
Model RTD11509C +QH50
Type Manual
Forward 9 Nos.
Reverse 1 Nos.
Casting Material Steel
Front axle Model
Front Axle Rating 7500kg, MAN
Rear Axle Model
Rear Axle Rating 16000kg×2, MAN Double   reduction driven axle
Ratio 4.769
Leaf Spring 10/10+8
Tire Size 12.00R20
Tire Nos 10+1pcs
Brakes Drum brake
Oil Tank Volume 400L Aluminum

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