Multipurpose Jetting And Suction Vehicle

● Dongfeng RHD 4×2 Chassis
● 102 hp Euro 5 Engine
● 2000L Water, 1000L Sludge
● 158L/m Plunger Pump
● 335L/m Vacuum Pump
● Size 6.2× 2.05 ×2.65 m
Vacuum hydro excavator truck (also referred to hydrovac,hydro excavator,hydro excavation truck,vacuum excavator truck,vacuum jetting tanker truck, jet vacuum cleaner truck, vacuum jetting tanker, sewer jetting truck,sewer jetter truck,vacuum jetting tank body, sewage suction jet tank, sewage vacuum truck, etc.) uses high pressure water jet nozzles to blow apart and flush sludge and grease out of drains and drainfilelds.Also vacuum hydro excavator truck is wildely used to clean and collect liquid such as waste oil,dirty water, sludge, septic, crude oil and solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well. It is suitable for cleaning the sewer, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field.

Product Details

Tipping Tank:

  • Sludge Tank (Thickness 5mm steel) Volume: 1000 lt. Water Tanker(Thickness 5mm steel ) 2000L
  • Combination wash /Hydro Vac system
  • WEILONG Vacuum pump, TONGJIE Plunger Pump (16Mpa, 160L/min)
  • 60M pressure hose, 19mm diameter, Reel speed at 0-25m/min
  • Water flushing width 2.5m-3.5m, pressure 9Mpa, 160L/min, Cleaning width > 16m , Water Gun Range >38m.
  • Sludge Tanker rear tipping
  • High capacity cyclone with full opening lid.
  • 2” quick acting brass drain valve (heated) mounted on front head.
  • 2-4” air open/spring close valve. Camlock fitings.1-6” discharge valve.
  • Hydraulic full opening rear door assembly with 6 heavy-duty wing clamps.
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinder.
  • 4” pipe overturn protection and gussets.
  • 1-6” exhaust and 1-6” intake
  • Full length hydraulic dump subframe
  • Hydraulic reservoir, hydraulic oil filter and sight glass.
  • Spool valve control of rear door, hoist and vibrator. Separate controls for wash pump(inside cabinet).
  • Hydraulic vibrator assembly on the bottom of the tank.
  • Full length steel checker plate fenders,
  • Tubular handrails, numbered placards, static ground cable ,toolbox complete with rain lip.
  • 6” or 8” suction boom assembly with 4’ extension-hydraulic powered functions and extension.
  • Electronic /Hydraulic pendant controls with 25’ of cable. Boom fully extends to 16’ .
  • 10pcs of different size Nozzles
  • Color as customer specifications.
  • Many more options available on request.


Chassis Model/Make EQ1070SJ3BDF/Dongfeng
Chassis Type Vacuum Truck Chassis
Drive Mode 4×2 Right Hand Drive
Wheelbase 3308mm
Vehicle length 6.2 m
Vehicle width 2.05 m
Vehicle height 2.65m
Tare Weight 4.93Ton
Recommended Loading 2.3 Ton
Gross Vehicle Weight 7 .36Ton
Max Driving Speed 99KM/h
Tank Capacity 3 CBM
Tank Length 3.2m
Tank Diameter 1.2m
Tank Material Carbon Steel
Tank Material Thick 5mm
Water Tank Volume 2000Liters
Sludge Tank Volume 1000Liters
Flow Capacity 9.5 m3 /h
Suction Depth >8m
Tank Tipping Angle 45º
Suction Time <5 min
Discharge Time <5 min
Water Washing Capacity 500-800L/min
Water Gun Range 38m
Water Flushing Width 2.5m-3.5m
Cleaning Width > 16m
Make Chinese TONGJIE
Model 3D5E
Pressure 16-19Mpa
Flow Capacity 158L/min
Spray Flow 120L/min
Grease Capacity 5L
Vacuum Rate 80%
Pressure 7000Pa 93%
Pump Capacity 335L/min
Speed 800rpm
Power 5kw
Hose Reel 1 pcs , Reel speed at 0-25m/min
Suction Hose 2pcs ×8 m×125mm diameter
Pressure Water Hose 1pcs × 60m ×19mm diameter
Nozzles Multiple 10pcs different size
Hose Trays 1pcs each tank side
Access Ladder Steel fabricated side mounted
Mud Guard Polyethylene
Drain Valve DN50 quick acting brass drain valve
Release Valve Automatic release valve to avoid the excess of pressure limit
Open / Spring Close Valve DN100 spring close valve, aluminum camlock fittings
Exhaust / Intake Valve DN100 aluminum ball valve
Hydraulic Cylinders Double acting
Site Glass Oil filter and sight glass
Fenders Full length steel checker plate fenders
Tubular Handrails Steel tube fabricated handrails
Toolbox Toolbox complete with rain lip
Electric / Hydraulic Controls Electronic and hydraulic pendant controls with cable
Make Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel
Model CY4BK551
Series 4BK
Cylinders 4 Nos.
Fuel Type Diesel
Cylinder Lineup Vertical in line
Displacement 3.707L
Emission Standard Euro 5
Max Output in kw 75
Max Output in ps 102
Max Torque 280N·m
Max Torque at rpm 1000-2400
Output at rpm 3000
Engine Type Vertical in-line, four stroke, turbocharged inter-cooling, CRDI, SCR
Cab Type flat floor all steel constructed
Cab Width 1880mm
Passengers Allowed 3 Nos
Seats and Sleeper Line Front driver / co-driver seats
Model WLY5
Type Manual
Forward 5Nos.
Reverse 1 Nos.
Casting Material Steel
Tire Size 8.25-16
Tire Nos 6
Brake Type Air-brake
Front Axle Loading 1500KG
Rear Axle Model 4.5T
Rear Axle Loading 4500kg
Leaf Spring Nos 8/10+7
ABS Equipped

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