ISUZU 5000L Sewage Vacuum Pumper Truck

3-5 tons sludge pumping truck
ISUZU vacuum suction truck
3-5cbm liquid disposal suction truck
septic jetter truck

Product Description

Sewage vacuum pumper truck(also called vacuum truck,septic truck,pumper truck,cesspit emptier truck,exhauster truck,sewage exhauster truck,honey sucker,vacuum sewer truck,vacuum sewage truck,vacuum tanker,sucker truck,sewer sucker,hydro-vac,vac-trucks,sewer vacuum truck,septic suction truck,sewage vacuum truck,sewer cleaning truck,sewage tanker,gully emptier,drainage suction truck,vacuum truck,sewage truck,waste vacuum truck,drainage treatment truck) is one of the high efficient sanitation type vehicle to collect,clean,remove and transport sludge, sewage,liquid waste,liquid disposal to avoid secondary pollution. Liquid sludge removal/Suction and discharge functions are performed by the vacuum pump.


–Vacuum pumper truck tanker material optional for carbon steel Q345 or stainless steel 304;
–Tanker thickness 6~8mm,endplate thickness 8mm and baffle 5mm;

–Vacuum pumps are optional for chinese brand weilong/yifeng pump,water ring suction pump or Italy brand BP,Jurop,Keiser Moro imported brand;

–Suction speed less than 10min and and discharge speed less than 8 min;

–horizontal suction distance: within 80 meters;

–Vertical suction depth:within 9 meters;

–High quality ISUZU FTR truck chassis;

Product Specification
Complete Vehicle Parameter
Vehicle ISUZU vacuum sewage truck
Overall dimension (mm) 5990×2470×3200
Sewage tank (m3) 5
Gross vehicle weight (kg) Appro×16000
Curb weight (kg) Appro×8048
Payload (kg) Appro×9757
Wheel base (mm) 3300
Max speed (km/h) 95
Chassis Parameter
Cabin Single row, power steering,3 passengers,left hand drive,with A/C
Drive form 4×2
Engine Brand: ISUZU
Model: 4HK1-TCG50, 205hp
Type: diesel, turbocharged, 6 cylinder.
Displacement: 5193ml
Emission standard: Euro V
Transmission MLD 6 forward,1 reverse, manual operated
Tire model 8.25R16
No.of tires 6pcs, with 1pc spare tire
Superstructure Parameter
Characteristic 1. Sewage tank volume 5000 liter.
2. Sewage tank material is carbon steel,thickness 6mm.
3. Sewage suction pipe 1pcs, length 7m.
4. Hydraulic lifting sewage tank,rear cover can open.
5. Equipped with PTO.
6. Equipped with vacuum pump.
7. Equipped with oil water separator, overflow valve,looking sewage window, self flow exit,hand washing device.
Performance (1) Vertical suction ≥ 7m.
(2) Pumping speed : 45L/s.
(3) Intake and exhaust diameter: 50mm.
(4) Full tank pumping time ≤ 5min.
(5) Sewage tank emptying time ≤ 4min.


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