HOWO 5Tons Road Wrecker Flatbed Towing Truck

HOWO Road Wrecker Flatbed Towing Truck Deck Size: 6200*2100mm, 5Tons Caapcity, With Underlift, Hydraulic Winch.

Product description:

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1. Function: Our Wrecker tow truck consists of the chassis, hoisting equipment,truck tow hook, tow truck winch, tow truck wheel lift, hydraulic system, electric control system, truck body and the tool boxes.

2. Application: Widely used in road, police traffic, airports, docks, auto repair company, industry and highway departments, timely,  fast clean-up accident, failure, illegal and other vehicles.

3. Capacity: 20-60tons

Goods Description:

1. We use only the newest and most advanced equipment, because we want to make sure that when you order a flatbed tow truck to help you out, that your car will be left in perfect condition and that you’re not going to get some cheap flatbed towing and bad tow truck driver doing all the work.

2. We pride ourselves in using on the best of the best technicians, as well as the most technologically advanced transportation vehicles today.

3. With this type of tow truck, your vehicle need not have direct contact with the ground surface or road. The reason is that the wheels of the vehicle are on the flatbed. This can greatly reduce friction that causes wear and tear. For luxury cars or exotic vehicles, this method can help protect the engine parts, transmission and other systems of the vehicle which can be damaged if towed on their wheels over long distances.

4. When towing broken down cars with flatbed is much safer than pulling or hooking them along the road. In addition, safety can be ensured for other road users. The towed vehicle will not sway all over the road which can be potentially dangerous to others.

5. For more information, please feel free to contact: Ms. Helen Jiang. Mob/WhatsApp: +86 135 5419 5719

Parameters for HOWO 5Tons Road Wrecker Flatbed Towing Truck:

Cabin 2080 Standard cab, with two seats
Wheelbase 4500 mm
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 7600*2300*2700mm
Tare Weight 3800kg
Engine YUCHAI, Euro II emission,160 HP
Gear box WLY6T46, 6 forwards & 1reverse
Tire 8.25R16 radial steel tyre 7 pcs including one spare tyre
Working flatform length:    6100mm
width:     2300mm
Slide stroke:   2700mm
Folding bed inclination:    8°
Steel wire rope length 25M
Twisted rope speed 5m/min
Rated tow weight 3000kg
Loading arm Max length:   1640mm
Telescopic stroke:   1340mm
Liftig weight:   1500kg

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