FAW 5m³ Street Sweeper

Make/Model Line: FAW CA5083XXYP40K2L2EYA84-3, 4X2 RHD
Engine Make/Model/horsepower/emission: DACHAI/CA498E3-12 /120hp/euro3
Transmission Make/Model/Gears/Operation: WLY/WLY5-35/5F+1R/manual
Tanker Capacity: 5CBM(4m³ garbage tank+1,000L water tank)
Tanker Material: Stainless steel 304
Front /Rear Axle Loading Capacity: 2T/3T
Tire Size: 7.00R16 (6+1 tyres)

★★★★★FunctionAnd Introduction:

Street Sweeping truck FAW (also called road sweeper truck , municipal vehicle,road cleaner truck, road sweeping truck ,street sweeper truck ,Vacuum sweeper truck ,ISUZU sweeper truck , Truck mounted road sweeper, compact road sweeper truck, road cleaning truck, brush sweeper truck ,etc.)is suitable for brushing ,suction and transportation of dusts,leaves,mud, soil,sand,stone chips,gravels and other small particles,it mainly used for surface cleaning, road cleaning and ground watering. Applicable to various climate and road surface cleaning work, more suited to the plaza, highways, residential district, parking lot, wharf, airport, station, cement plants, power plants and other places clean working.

1. Purpose: For city road cleaning, industry area road cleaning, coal plants, power plants, cement plants, steel plantsand mining pavements cleaning.
2. Main parts: Deputy engine, Fan, Hydraulic System and Pump ete.
3. Internation brand of main parts: Japanese ISUZU brand and China JMC deputy engine are optional.
4, Warranty: 1 Year of main parts such as Deputy engine and Fan etc.
5, Tank material: Carbon steel Q235 and Stainless Steel SUS304 are optional for the water tanker and garbage bin.
6. Deputy Engine: Powerful diesel engine
7. Painting and LOGO: We can do the customized design of the painting and LOGO for each customer.
8, Certificate: ISO CCC; We also can supply some certificate as clients’ request like BV SGS COC SONCAP FERI

Product Specification

The factory and the company are open, and we have received 1,000+ customers frommore than 100 countries around the world. Welcome customers to visit our companyand production factory.

 Key Features:

—- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance

—- ISUZU diesel engine, super powerful, no overhaul within 100,000 km.

—- Road Sweeper body capacity from 1 to 16 Cublic Meter.

—- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

—- Virious types of refuse container lifter are available.


Another notable feature of the FAW 5m³ street sweeper is its maneuverability. With a compact design and precise steering, it can navigate through narrow streets, alleys, and other tight spaces with ease. The sweeper’s adjustable brushes and suction nozzles ensure thorough cleaning, reaching every nook and corner. Furthermore, its ergonomic cabin provides the operator with optimal visibility and comfort, enhancing efficiency and reducing fatigue during long cleaning shifts.

Maintenance is made easy with the FAW 5m³ street sweeper. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure durability and reliability, reducing downtime and repair costs. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it simple to operate, even for those with limited experience.

In conclusion, the FAW 5m³ street sweeper sets new standards in urban cleanliness and maintenance. With its powerful performance, efficient design, and environmental consciousness, it offers a comprehensive solution to keep our streets clean and inviting. Whether it’s removing leaves, debris, or dust, this street sweeper is an indispensable tool for maintaining the aesthetics and hygiene of modern cities.





1. Efficient Cleaning System: The FAW 5m³ street sweeper is equipped with a highly efficient cleaning system designed to effectively remove debris and dirt from the streets. Its powerful suction technology combined with high-pressure water jets ensures thorough cleaning, making it ideal for various road surfaces.

2. Large Capacity: With a generous capacity of 5 cubic meters, this street sweeper offers ample space for collecting a significant amount of waste. The large storage capacity minimizes the frequency of emptying and increases productivity, allowing for more efficient cleaning operations.

3. Advanced Filtration System: The FAW 5m³ street sweeper features an advanced filtration system that effectively captures and contains fine dust particles and pollutants during the cleaning process. This system helps improve air quality by preventing the release of harmful particles back into the environment.

4. User-Friendly Controls: The street sweeper is designed with user-friendly controls, making it easy to operate and maneuver. It features intuitive controls and ergonomic design elements, allowing operators to efficiently navigate through tight spaces and congested areas while maintaining optimal cleaning performance.

5. Eco-Friendly Operation: The FAW 5m³ street sweeper incorporates eco-friendly features to minimize its environmental impact. It is equipped with a low-emission engine that reduces pollution levels, while the advanced filtration system prevents the release of harmful particles. Additionally, the street sweeper utilizes water recycling technology, optimizing water usage and reducing overall water consumption during cleaning operations.


Truck Make/Model Line FAW CA5083XXYP40K2L2EYA84-3, 4X2 RHD
Engine Make/Model/horsepower/emission DACHAI/CA498E3-12 /120hp/euro3
Transmission Make/Model/Gears/Operation WLY/WLY5-35/5F+1R/manual
Front /Rear Axle Loading Capacity 2T/3T
Tire Size 7.00R16 (6+1 tyres)
Wheelbase 3360mm
White color, 2person allowed in the cab, with ABS
Tanker Capacity 5CBM(4m³ garbage tank+1,000L water tank)
Material Stainless steel 304
Auxiliary Engine JMC/87HP
Air Blower Type High pressure, centrifugal, sweeping truck-specific used blower
Working Speed 2600~2900r/min
Driving Mode Drive by the ancillary engine, automatic clutch, V belt powered
Sweeping Equipment Type: Four-disc typed brooms equipped between front and rear axle, symmetric on the right and left side of the truck driven by motors. Sweep Width: 2.6~3.2m.
Suction Equipment Full-floating suction nozzle that can automatically level with the road, spring floating
suspension and road follow, large width suction nozzle, independent forward operation, hydraulic raise & lower 200mm diameter suction port. Maximum inhalation particle size≥100mm


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