Factory direct sale good price SHACMAN road sweeper truck China manufactured street sweeping and cleaning truck price

product name
SHACMAN brand road sweeping and washing truck for sale
overall dimension
WP6.210E32 weichai 210hp diesel

★★★★★FunctionAnd Introduction:

Street Sweeping truck SHACMAN(also called road sweeper truck , municipal vehicle,road cleaner truck, road sweeping truck ,street sweeper truck ,Vacuum sweeper truck ,ISUZU sweeper truck , Truck mounted road sweeper, compact road sweeper truck, road cleaning truck, brush sweeper truck ,etc.)is suitable for brushing ,suction and transportation of dusts,leaves,mud, soil,sand,stone chips,gravels and other small particles,it mainly used for surface cleaning, road cleaning and ground watering. Applicable to various climate and road surface cleaning work, more suited to the plaza, highways, residential district, parking lot, wharf, airport, station, cement plants, power plants and other places clean working.

1. Purpose: For city road cleaning, industry area road cleaning, coal plants, power plants, cement plants, steel plantsand mining pavements cleaning.
2. Main parts: Deputy engine, Fan, Hydraulic System and Pump ete.
3. Internation brand of main parts: Japanese ISUZU brand and China JMC deputy engine are optional.
4, Warranty: 1 Year of main parts such as Deputy engine and Fan etc.
5, Tank material: Carbon steel Q235 and Stainless Steel SUS304 are optional for the water tanker and garbage bin.
6. Deputy Engine: Powerful diesel engine
7. Painting and LOGO: We can do the customized design of the painting and LOGO for each customer.
8, Certificate: ISO CCC; We also can supply some certificate as clients’ request like BV SGS COC SONCAP FERI

Product Specification


16CBM Large Road Sweeping Vehicle

SHACMAN brand 4*2 LHD road sweeping and washing truck for sale
The SHACMAN brand road sweeping and washing truck adopts SHACMAN brand L3000 type national Ⅱ class II chassis modification, adding auxiliary engines, fans, high-pressure water pumps, clean water tanks, garbage bins, left and right vertical sweeps, wide suction
nozzles with water spray rods, and low-pressure flushing system , Sweeping pan dust reduction system, hydraulic system, special
device electric control system and sub-frame etc. are refitted.
The auxiliary engine drives the fan and high-pressure water pump, and the auxiliary engine adopts a Dongfeng Cummins six-cylinder
170-horsepower diesel engine. The fan uses an 8.0 high-pressure centrifugal fan, which has high efficiency and large air volume, with a maximum air volume of 23500m3/h. The high-pressure water pump adopts the internationally well-known PF36 plunger pump with suitable flow and high pressure, and the maximum allowable pressure is 10MPa.

Products Description
SHACMAN brand L3000 one row and a half driver cab, 4500mm wheelbase, WP6.210E32 weichai 210hp diesel engine,4.8tons front axle/10tns rear axle, 200L steel oil tanker, 8JS85TE-C 8 speed manual gearbox,10.00R20 rail tires, etc.

The clean water tank makes full use of the on-board space, with a large volume, up to 9m3. The trash bin adopts single-layer 304 stainless steel structure, dumping and unloading, with high-pressure self-cleaning device. The self-cleaning device can help unloading and cleaning the inside of the trash can when the trash can is unloaded.

The left and right vertical scanning is a single scanning plate, which reduces the number of brushes and the consumption of brushes, and can reduce the cost of use. The left and right vertical sweeps are controlled separately, and different operation modes such as left sweep, right sweep and full sweep can be realized. The width of the suction mouth of the wide suction nozzle reaches 2418mm, ensuring that the total working width is greater than 3.5mm. The 4 height-adjustable nozzle wheels can adjust and ensure a reasonable gap between the nozzle and the road surface. The suction nozzle has a built-in high-pressure water spray rod, and as many high-pressure washing nozzles as possible are arranged inside the suction nozzle, which not only has a good cleaning effect, but also minimizes the secondary pollution caused by the high-pressure water jet washing up the dirt.

The left and right spray rods are installed on the suction cups, which rise and fall with the suction cups. The structure is
simple and compact, which ensures that the height of the spray rods from the ground is constant and achieves the best cleaning effect. The open hydraulic system drives the left and right vertical sweeping and lifting, the left and right sweeping pan rotation, the suction nozzle lifting, the opening and closing of the back door of the dustbin, and the dumping and resetting of the dustbin.

The power take-off on the gearbox side of the chassis drives the low-pressure water pump to realize the low-pressure flushing function of the sprinkler, and one-button start and stop operations.

SHACMAN brand rsweeper has multiple functions such as road cleaning, road cleaning, curb cleaning, curb and curb facade scrubbing, low-pressure washing, spray dust removal, etc. There are multiple operation modes to choose from, such as “full wash and sweep”, “left wash and sweep”, “right wash and sweep”, “full sweep”, “left sweep”, and “right sweep”. Choose “full washing and sweeping” mode to clean the square and pavement, the cleaning efficiency is high and the effect is good, and the cleaning rate is more than 90%. Choose “left washing and sweeping” or “right washing and sweeping” mode to clean the road surface and curbs, and scrub the curb facade. When road cleaning or road cleaning operations are required, the road sweeping mode can be selected. When spray dust removal is required, the spray device can be turned on to perform spray dust removal operations. The road surface can be washed with low pressure like a sprinkler.

product name
SHACMAN brand road sweeping and washing truck for sale
overall dimension
WP6.210E32 weichai 210hp diesel
Emission standard
Euro 3, Euro 4/5/6 optional
 8JS85TE-C 8 speed manual gearbox
total mass
curb mass

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