Corken Gas Compressor For Road Tanker Delivery

Corken Gas Compressor
Popular Model 291 & 491
4 Way Vavle

Product Details

Corken Gas Compressor for Road Tanker Delivery


Many LPG piping systems do not provide ideal NPSH conditions for liquid pumps. As a result, the poor NPSH conditions lead to excessive pump maintenance. Since compressors are only exposed to vapors, they are not affected by poor NPSH conditions.

NPSH is defined as the total head of fluid at the centre line of the impeller less the fluid’s vapour pressure.


Many LPG pressurized tanks such as railcars and buried tanks have top unloading connections. A compressor is the perfect solution for transferring liquids to and from these types of tanks.



Ø  Propane cylinder filling Bulk transfer

Ø  Truck/barge/railcar unloading

Ø  Liquid transfer/vapor recovery

Ø  Tank/railcar unloading

Ø  Agricultural ammonia

Ø  Barge unloading

Ø  Tank/railcar unloading

Ø  Agricultural ammonia

Ø  Tank evacuation for maintenance

Ø  LPG/butane/ammonia

Ø  Inert gas pad


Features and Benefits

Self-lubricating   piston rings: Non-lubricated   operation to minimize oil in gas
NPT   or Class 300 RF connections: Versatility   for your application
Multiple   mounting configurations: Versatility   for your application
High   efficiency valves: Quiet,   reliable operation
Reversible   oil pump: Allows   operation in either direction
Simplified   top down design: Routine   maintenance is minimally invasive


Operating Specifications

Model 91 291 491 691
Bore   of cylinder inches (mm) 3.0   (76.2) 3.0   (76.2) 4.0   (101.6) 4.5   (114.3)
Stroke   inches (mm) 2.5   (63.5) 2.5   (63.5) 3.0   (76.2) 4.0   (101.6)
Piston   displacement cfm (m3/hr)
minimum   @ 400 RPM 4.1   (7.0) 8.2   (13.9) 17.5   (29.7) 29.5   (50.0)
maximum   @ 825 RPM 8.4   (14.3) 16.9   (28.7) 36.0   (61.2) 60.7   (103.2)
Maximum   working pressure psig (bar g)1 335   (23.1)
Maximum   brake horsepower (kW) 7.5   (5.6) 15   (11.2) 15   (11.2) 45   (33.6)
Maximum   rod load lb (kg) 3,600   (1,632.9) 3,600   (1,632.9) 4,000   (1,814.4) 7,000   (3,175.1)
Maximum   outlet temperature °F (°C) 350   (177)
Maximum   flow—propane gpm (m3/hr) 50   (11.4) 101   (22.9) 215   (48.8) 361   (82.0)



Equipment Type and Options

Ÿ   Single-acting, vertical, reciprocating piston type vapor compressor

Ÿ   Single packed rod

Ÿ   NPT or Class 300 RF connections

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