Brand new ISUZU FVZ 18000 liters vacuum sewage tank truck for sale

Chassis Truck: ISUZU  6×4
Vaccum Tank: 20,000 Liters volume, steel tank
Engine: ISUZU/350HP/Euro 5
Transmission: FAST/12JSD160T
Size: 10100×2550×3850mm
Shipping Weight: 17500kg
Wheelbase: 4600+1350mm

Product Description

Sewage vacuum pumper truck(also called vacuum truck,septic truck,pumper truck,cesspit emptier truck,exhauster truck,sewage exhauster truck,honey sucker,vacuum sewer truck,vacuum sewage truck,vacuum tanker,sucker truck,sewer sucker,hydro-vac,vac-trucks,sewer vacuum truck,septic suction truck,sewage vacuum truck,sewer cleaning truck,sewage tanker,gully emptier,drainage suction truck,vacuum truck,sewage truck,waste vacuum truck,drainage treatment truck) is one of the high efficient sanitation type vehicle to collect,clean,remove and transport sludge, sewage,liquid waste,liquid disposal to avoid secondary pollution. Liquid sludge removal/Suction and discharge functions are performed by the vacuum pump.


ISUZU FVZ septic truck (also called Isuzu vacuum tank truck, sewer cleaner truck, sewer vacuum truck, sewage vacuum pump truck) is used for suction, transportation and dumping soil and mud from various sewer man-hole, water wells and sediment.

 Key Features:

—- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance
—- ISUZU engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.
—- Nice shape, rational structure
—- Italy imported pump super powerful, efficient pump in and out
—- Strong, durable, perfect performance


Manufacturer PowerStar Trucks Industry Co., Limited
Product Name ISUZU FVZ Sewage Truck
Vehicle Brand Series ISUZU FVZ
Vehicle Model PST5250GXW
Production Time 25 days
Chassis parameters Overall dimensions mm 9500*2300*3000
Gross weight kg 25,000
Kerb weight 10,500
Wheelbase mm 4,650+1,300
Driving type 6*4
Chassis model ISUZU FVZ
Tire size 11.00R20
Number of Tires 10+1
Passengers in cab 3
Engine Engine model 6HK1-TCH
Type of fuel Diesel
Power 300HP
Max speed Km/h 95
Emission standard EURO 5,6
Sewage Tanker performance Tanker Body 18,000L
Body Material High strength carbon steel
Tanker Shape Ellipse as standard
Vacuum Pump MORO PUMP PM110W
Optional Italy, Euro brand
Suction time 600 S
Self suction height 7 M
Tank lifting angle 45 degree
Suction hose 7m
Hose & Hose-carrier Factory standard
Control Panel English
Walkway and Hand rail Yes
Painting Two primers, and one final paint coating
Color & LOGO According to wish
Factory standard   “U” shape Sub Frame, Hydraulic system, Ejector panel, Safety protection, Rotating Lamp, Working Lamp, Hand holds, Mudguards and rubber flaps…
Documents   English operation manual, Spare parts list, and all necessary export docs.
Optional equipment 1, Euro vacuum pump

2, Different size tank capacity


2. Integrated hydraulic valve, pneumatic, manual two sets of operating systems, automatic sequence of opening and closing, locking, to prevent damage caused by misoperation of the device:


3. Tank lifting 0-40 degrees, easy to dump materials, Back cover open 0-55 degrees, easy to dump materials, easy to clean personnel in and out


4. The rear end cover is hydraulically locked and opened and closed in sequence with the rear end cover hydraulically opened. Vacuum pump with optional exhaust muffler, lower noise.


5. Secondary spillproof tank: once the former spillproof tank fails, the liquid enters the secondary spillproof tank to ensure the safe operation of the vacuum pump to the greatest extent


6. Tank pressure inlet air filter, safety valve, effectively ensure the safe operation of vacuum pump and system

7.  The tank level electro-acoustic alarm system reminds the operator of the vehicle status in time

8.  Tank level display to confirm the tank level height in time

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