8 Ton Flatbed Wrecker With Crane

8-Ton Max Load Capacity Deck
8-Ton Max Lifting Rating XCMG Crane
8-Ton Max Rating Wheellift
6-Ton Capacity Planetary Winch
Sinotruk HOWO G5X Truck Chassis
Sinotruk MC07.27-60 270hp Diesel Engine
Sinotruk HW95508STCL 8 Speed Manual Transmission

The flatbed tow truck mounted crane and mounted on a SINOTRUK HOWO G5X Second-Class Chassis offer additional capabilities beyond those of a standard flatbed tow truck. With a capacity of 8 tons, this tow truck mounted crane is ideal for lifting and carrying cars off the road or overturned wrecks with safety and ease. It is not only an efficient towing and carrying machine but also serves as a hoisting machine that can meet your special needs for rescuing and recovering in the event of car accidents, breakdowns, or traffic regulation violations.

8 Ton Flatbed Wrecker with Crane 5

8 Ton Flatbed Wrecker with Crane 6

In conclusion, the tow truck mounted crane is a valuable addition to any towing or recovery fleet, providing the additional capabilities necessary to handle challenging situations and recover vehicles and debris safely and efficiently.

8 Ton Flatbed Wrecker with Crane 7


Standard Features:

Equipped with an 8mm tread deck.

Coming with both front and rear hydraulic flip boards.

Using a Haizhanli oil cylinder.

Operating using a Hefei Wany hydraulic pump.

Featuring an Italy-made Hyde hydraulic valve.

Utilizing a Suizhou Jiashan power take-off.


Optional Features:

Optional hard fifth wheel plate and hard drawbar, along with counterweight.

Optional 80KN winch.

Optional Turkey Heller imported valve.

An optional long row of engineering LED warning lights, available in both strobe and normal modes.


Model TTR08ZZ270L6
Chassis Sinotruk HOWO G5X 4X2Drive LHD; Sinotruk MC07.27-60 270hp diesel engine; Sinotruk HW95508STCL 8 speed manual transmission
Cabin Sleeper cab; Rated nr. of passengers: 2
Overall Size 10550×2550×2875mm (L×W×H)
Wheelbase 5600mm
Wheel Tread Front 1940,1980mm; Rear 1800,1860mm
Front/Rear Overhang 1330/3450mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 18000kg
Tare Weight 9800kg
Front/Rear Axle Rating 6500/11500kg
Approach/Departure Angle 19/9,19/10,19/11°
Engine Sinotruk MC07.27-60, diesel engine; 6 cylinders in-line, 6.87L; Class level VI emission
Engine Output Power/Speed 199kW(270hp)/2200rpm
Engine Output Torque/Speed 1060N·m/1200~1800rpm
Max Speed 95km/Hour
Transmission Sinotruk HW95508STCL MT; Forward, 8 speed/Reverse, 2 speed
Tires 10.00R20 18PR, 275/80R22.5 18PR, 295/80R22.5 18PR, 295/60R22.5 18PR; 6+1 spare tire
Truck Accessories 1nos of toolbox
Deck Size (Inside) 7950mmX2420mm (L×W)
Max Load Rating 8000kg
Vehicle Towing Two cars
Length of Flip Board 800mm
Deck Work Distance

(Working Motion)

Deck Height Above Ground

(Ground Clearance)

Deck Min Tilt Angle 9.5°
Make/Model XCMG SQS200
Max Lifting Moment 20T.M.
Max Lifting Capacity 8000kg
Max Boom Length 12.797m
Rotation Angle 360°full rotation
Max Oil Flow of

Hydraulic System

Max Pressure of

Hydraulic System

Oil Tank Capacity 200L
Recommend Power 45kw
Span of Outrigger 2318mm~5908mm
Wheel Lift:  
Rated Capacity

Fully Retracted

Rated Capacity

Fully Extended

Rear Towing Distance 3450mm
Effective Length of Arm 2430mm
Telescopic Travel 2000mm
Positive Tilt Angle
Negative Tilt Angle -9.5°
Winch Qty 1pcs
Winch Type: Planetary
Winch Power Mode Hydraulic
Winch Capacity Each 60kN
Winch Diameter φ110mm
Winch Cable Diameter φ11mm
Winch Cable Length 2500mm
Min Line Speed 5m/min
Hydraulic System Haizhanli oil cylinder, Hefei Wany hydraulic pump, Italy Hyde hydraulic valve, Suizhou Jiashan power take-off
Towing Accessories:  
Strap 8nos
Slide-In L-Arms 1set
Frame Forks 2set
Fork Receiver 1set
Chain Hook 1nos
Auxiliary Wheel 2nos

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