70 Ton Rotator Tow Truck

•VOLVO VNX630 Truck
•420hp Diesel Engine
•3-stage Boom System
•Underlift Capacity 18T
•Boom Capacity 70T
•Boom Max Reach 15m

Product description:

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1. Function: Our Wrecker tow truck consists of the chassis, hoisting equipment,truck tow hook, tow truck winch, tow truck wheel lift, hydraulic system, electric control system, truck body and the tool boxes.

2. Application: Widely used in road, police traffic, airports, docks, auto repair company, industry and highway departments, timely,  fast clean-up accident, failure, illegal and other vehicles.

3. Capacity: 20-60tons



Additional Forks Breakdown Rotator boasts an empowering combination of heavy-duty capabilities, superior stabilizing technology, commanding rotation, unsurpassed pulling capacity and unstoppable power. And now it’s available with the more impressive rotator Body Series. The 70 Ton Rotator Tow Truck designed for heavy duty,reaches the perfect balance between size and capacity. With the 360° continuous motion and the sliding option this unit can reach and lift in any situation you will encounter.


VNX 630 makes life on the road more comfortable and productive with a spacious 61-inch mid-roof sleeper that offers room for a bed 42 inches wide, as well as plenty of space for storage and amenities

Cabin:61″ Mid-Roof Sleeper

Emission Standard: Euro 2
Seats: 2 Seats with 1 Bed

Engine: Diesel 500-600 horsepower
Transimission: Volvo I-Shift

Minimum CLA(from cab to center of rearmost axle):280″

Capacity Retracted:120,000 lb
Capacity Extended: 26,000 lb
Maximum Angle:63°

Maximum Height:552”

Underlift Lifting 56,500 lbs.

Towing Rating with Forks
 Retracted 80,000 lbs

Extended 17,600 lbs.

70 Ton Rotator Body

Underlift-Max Lifting at all extended,kg 12500
Underlift-Max lifting,kg 17,000
Original Lifting Mass,kg 30000
Underlift Lifting Length ,mm 1675-3314
Underlift Stroke,mm 1639
Tiltle Angle,° -10
Underlift to Ground Height,mm <900
Moving Angle,° -10-93
Boom-Max Lifting,kg 70000
Boom-Lifting at all extend,kg 6000
Length of 1st Boom ,mm 6000
Total length of Booms,mm 15000
Max Height of Lifing,mm 14070
Move Angle,° ≦60
Rotator ,° 360
Winch Qty,pcs 2
Winch Capacity 300kn x 2
Wire Length 45m x 2
Length of Cable,mm ¢26
Front Legs Span,mm 7780
RearLegs Span,mm 4625
Front to Rear Distance,mm 8350

Volvo Chassis

Drive Mode 8×4
N.V.W,kg 32000kg
Tare Weight,kg 6705
Engine 420ps
Type Vertical ,in line, Water-cooled,four-stroke cycle diesel engine
Emission Standard Euro 4
Speed No.s 12 Forward and 1 Reverse Speed;Manual (Mechanical)
Sterring Left hand drive
Cabin Forward control, all steel welded construction, long cab, inner A/C, one bed
Tires 12.00R22.5;12+1 spare tire;Radius tires
Electrical 24V

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