5000Liters LPG Refilling Plant Tank

Tank size:5000Liters/5M3;
Tank material:Q345R
Medium:Propane/LPG/Cooking gas

5000Liters LPG Refilling Plant Tank

Product Introduction

–Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The main components of LPG are propane and butane, with a small amount of olefins. LPG is stored in a storage tank in a liquid state under appropriate pressure, and is often used as a cooking fuel, which is the liquefied gas we often use. LPG has been used as a fuel for light vehicles for many years. LPG can also be stored in storage tanks to provide fuel for automobiles.

–LPG storage tanks usually carry single medium, and mixed loading are strictly prohibited. The LPG storage tank produced by CLW Group adopts scientific and advanced technology to ensure the lowest shrinkage rate and highest dimensional stability under low temperature conditions.

–Strict quality inspection: 1. 100% radiographic inspection for class A and B welds, qualified for class II; 2. 100% magnetic particle inspection for class C and D welds, qualified for class I.

–Conventional storage tank products: liquid ammonia storage tank, propane (liquefied petroleum gas) storage tank.

–CLW Group optional LPG storage tank volume: 5 cbm, 8 cbm, 10 cbm, 12 cbm, 15 cbm, 20 cbm, 25 cbm, 32 cbm, 40 cbm, 45 cbm, 50 cbm, 60 cbm, 65 cbm, 70 cbm, 80 cbm, 100 cbm, 120 cbm, 200cbm, etc. Can be customized.

–CLW Group optional liquid ammonia storage tank volume: 20 cbm, 25 cbm, 32 cbm, 50 cbm, 80 cbm, 100 cbm, etc. Can be customized.

–Design standard: GB-150, ASME U STAMP, CCC, ISO9001 : 2008

–Optional for tank safety accessories and lpg plant equipment.



Volume of Tank 5 CBM
Filling Weight 2500 kg
Tank Weight 2030 kg
Thickness of Shell (mm) 10 mm
Thickness of Endplate (mm) 10 mm
Tank Diameter (mm) 1600 mm
External Dimensions (mm) (length x width x height) 3070 x 1620 x 2210 mm
Material of Tank and Main Pressure Parts Carbon Steel Q345R
Filling Medium Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( Propane)
Design Pressure 1.77 MPa
Test Pressure 2.22 Mpa
Corrosion Allowance 1 mm
Medium Density 420-590 kg/ cbm
Main parts of LPG Tank
Item Specification/ mm Quantity
Discharge Pipe DN50-2″ 1
Inflow Pipe DN50-2″ 1
Outlet DN50-2″ 1
Gas phase balance pipes DN50-2″ 1
Manhole DN450 1
Drain Hole DN50-2″ 1
Discharge Pipe DN50-2″ 1
Inflow Pipe DN50-2″ 1
Outlet DN50-2″ 1
Gas phase balance pipes DN50-2″ 1
Manhole DN450 1
Drain Hole DN50-2″ 1


After-sales Service

1. Provide English operation manual and Instruction videos.
2. One year free warranty for major 3 components: engine, gearbox, axles; One set of easily worn spare parts of truck chassis for free; Spare parts supplied at factory price whenever needed.
3. Aftersales service whenever needed. Our engineers will go to customer’s country to assist the installation and operation if order QTY.is more than 10 units.

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