5000L Propane Gas Cylinder Refilling Truck

LPG bobtail for nigeria
5000L lpg tanker truck
Filling system:lpg pump,lpg dispenser,filling nozzle



LPG refueling truck (also called mobile lpg filling station,gas cylinder filling truck,lpg filling truck,gas refueling truck,lpg distribution truck,gas distributor truck,propane delivery truck,lpg truck, lpg bobtail truck,lpg dispenser truck,lpg refilling truck,lpg tanker truck,lpg dispensing truck,propane delivery truck,propane bobtail,propane gas truck,gas dispensing truck,propane refilling truck) is designded and used for transporting,delivering and refueling propane/lpg gas/liquid petroleum gas into smaller lpg tanks and home use lpg cylinders.

With different design,you can choose volume flow meter or lpg dispenser for propane filling truck. With above gas cylinder refilling truck ,you can start lpg delivery business easily.

Optional propane truck brand:Sinotruk Howo,Dongfeng,ISUZU,FAW,foton and other brands.

Optional size:

  • 5000liters,5000L,5 cbm
  • 10,000liters,10000L,10cbm,
  • 15000 Liters,15000L,15cbm,
  • 20cbm,20,000liters,20,000L
  • 35cbm 35,000liters,35,000L

Function: mobile Propane or Butan Gas Delivery/ Refilling/bottling/filling

Main equipment: 

  • 2″ Flowmeter or single nozzle filling dispenser machine,
  • 2″ Corken or Chinese brand vane Pump,
  • 15/30/40 meters Filling Hose Reel,
  • filling nozzle,
  • radiator,
  • hydraulic oil box


1. Truck Brand of LPG Bobtail Truck : Howo,optional for dongfeng,faw,isuzu,foton,shacman,JAC and other brands

2. Tank Size of LPG Bobtail Truck : 6,000liters ,8000liters, 10,000liters, 15,000liters, 20,000liters

3. Function of LPG Bobtail Truck : mobile Propane or Butan Gas Delivery/ Refilling/bottling/filling

4. Refiling System of LPG Bobtail Truck : 2″ Flowmeter or intelligent filling dispenser machine,2″ Corken or Chinese brand Pump,15meters Filling Hose Reel



Item No. Parameters
Overall Dimension 5900x2400x2650mm
Driving Model Left hand drive for Nigerian market
Gross Vehicle Weight 8160 kg
Curb Weight 5850kg
Payload 2310 kg
Wheel Base 3360 mm
Front Axle 2400kg
Rear Axle 4200kg
Engine YN4102QBZL,Diesel engine
Engine horsepower 116HP EUROIII
Displacement 3760mL (Diesel)
Rated Rotation Speed 3000 rpm
Gearbox WLY6T46,6-speed forward and 1 reverse
Cabin Howo L2W 2080 spacious cabin,2~3 Passenger allowed,with A/C
Tire 7.50R16 (6 pcs with one spare)
Exhaust Pipe At front of Cabin for safety
LPG tank
Volume: 5000iters
Tank material: Q345R
Tank diameter: 1600mm
Tank thickness: 10mm
End plate thickness: 10mm
Tank length: 3070mm or as designed
Gas phase Flange type,DN50/2” or according to customer request
Liquid Phase Flange type,DN50/2” and DNDN80/3” or according to customer request
Filling gas Propane(LPG)
Design Pressure: 1.61Mpa
Testing pressure 2.21Mpa
Refilling Accessory
LPG Pump Chinese brand YQ15-5
Flow rate:15.5M3/H
10 Mpa inlet pressure
780 r/min for rotation speed
Radiator 1 pc(to avoid high temperature of hydraulic oil during operation)
Hydraulic motor 1 pc
LPG Dispenser English remarks with printer for receipt
Filling hose 15M,retractable
Filling nozzle Filling nozzle for cylinder
Level Gauge Chinese Float Ball type,at the rear of tank


Safety Valve 1,DN80
Tool and Valve Box Located at side of LPG bobtail
Thermometer 1 pc
Pressure Gauge 2 pc
Emergency shut off Valve 3 pcs with witch inside valve box and at rear of truck
Fender Steel
Fire Extinguisher Holder 2 sets
Anti Static line 1 set

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