30CBM Shacman Water Bowser Truck

Vehicle brand:CLW
FChassis Truck: SHACMAN  8X4/
Overall Dimension: 12250×2550×3960(mm)
G.V.W/Curb Weight: 31000/12800kg
Engine: WP10.300E32/6/380HP/270HP
Transmission: Fast/12JSD160T/12Front+2Reverse/Manual
Wheelbase: 4375+1400mm
Tank Capacity: 20,000L

Product Details

30CBM Shacman Water Bowser Truck

Product Description

Water bowser truck, is also called as the sprinkler,and multi-function green watering truck.
It is mainly used in city road,large factory area,army,landscape garden and other departments for leaning the pavement, sanitation, dust-proof,
watering,and spraying farming chemicals for beautify the environment.

From another point, while being urgent,the sprinkler is also used as the fire fighting truck.
The sprinkler is equipped with front,rear and side sprinkler head,and then it covers large watering fields,making great efficiency.
This kind of the watering truck could be one most important kind in all environmental trucks.

1.Optional chassis brand:Dongfeng,Sinotruk,Foton,Faw,Shacman,lsuzu
2.Water Tank Material:High Tension Steel Q235/Q345,stainless steel 304B for option.
3.Reliable and high quality water pump
4.Optional for insulation layer which is suitable for warm water delivery.


Product Specification

GVW31000kg                                        Driving Type 8×4
Model DRZ5315GSSFS
Cab Delong F3000 long a row and a half deluxe cab(with sleeping berth),allowable 3 passengers, electronically controlled automatic constant temperature air conditioner, electric rocking window machine, ordinary air filter, air master seat, four point airbag, traveling data recorder
Engine(Hp) 270
Power(Kw) 199
Wheelbase 1800+4575+1400
Front/Rear Suspension 1525/2500
Steering Power steering
Approach/departure angle 16/14
Wheels & tire 12.00R20
Tire number 12+1
Tank Dimensions(mm) 8200x2500x1500
Cubage (m3) 30
Steel thickness of tank(mm) 5/6
RHD or LHD optional
Overall Dimensions(mm) 12000×2500×3340
Curb weight (Kg) 14170
Engine Model WP7.270
Horsepower 270
Maximum output Kw 199
Maximum torque N.m 1350
Type 6cylinders, in-line,4-stroke,water-cooled,turbo inter-cooling, diesel engine
Displacement 7.140L
Weichai engine brand, Euro 3
Driving passenger 2,3
Transmission 9 forwards,1 reverse
Front Axle 7T
Rear Axle 13T
Brake System air brake
Color and LOGO customized
Electric system 24V
Tank material Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. alloy, etc.
Sprinkling width 14m each side Suction height 7m
Standard configuration carbon steel water tank, manhole, water pump, front/side/rear spray nozzle, rear working platform, water cannon, fire valve, water valve, filter gauze, water hose, climbing ladder.
Optional configuration Stainless steel/aluminum alloy water tank, insulation layer for water tank, stainless steel water pump, fire pump, fire gun, pesticide plate, cabin gas control operated, Honda pumps, lights, crane, hanging basket, rear spraying device, barrel pesticide spraying device, gasoline pesticide machine, diesel pesticide machine, LED arrow lights
Delivery date Within 20 days after receipt advance
Packing Nude Pack .The packing of the commodity shall be in accordance with the export standard packing of the manufacturer, be suitable for long distance transportation of ocean and inland. The Seller shall be take measures against moisture, shocks and rust according to the special needs of the commodity.

Shacman Water Bowser Sprinkler Truck 5000 Gallon (20000 Liters 8X4 Water Tank Truck)

Product Picture


Our Water Spray Trucks are Available in: ( click the following each model to know more details)

  • 4CBM ISUZU Water Spray Truck
  • 7CBM Stainless Steel Water Tank Truck
  • 10CBM Water Tank Jetting Truck
  • 12CBM SHACMAN Water Tank Lorry
  • 14CBM Water Tank Sprinkler Truck
  • 18CBM Water Tank Truck Dust Fighter
  • 20CBM Bulk Water Tank Truck

*Send an inquiry for getting the detailed manufacturing specification from us. Models Include: Aluminum, Mild Steel, or Stainless Steel 3000 liters tank trucks to 40,000 liters tank trailers.



  • Low pressure front flushing nozzles automatically controlled.
  • Low pressure side spreading in left and right can be auto controlled separately.
  • Low pressure rear spray nozzles auto controlled.
  • Rear platform mounted with high shot sprinkler.
  • Chinese top brand PTO driven water pump: 65QZB-50/110N.
  • Low water level alarm device.
  • Rear ends equipped with arrow light.
  • Standard mild steel rigid tank.

Optional Components & Devices

  • Stainless Steel /Aluminum Tank Body.
  • 20 Meters Reel Equipped with Washing Nozzles for faraway washing and flushing.
  • Automatic Suction Device.
  • Top Water Filling Device.
  • Stainless Steel Pipeline.
  • Stainless Steel Rear Sprinkler.
  • Stainless Steel PTO Driven Water Pump
  • Automatically Controlled Spraying Valves.
  • Automatically Controlled Spreading Valves.
  • Automatically Controlled Flushing Valves.
  • Automatically Controlled Sprinkling Valves.
  • Large Stainless Steel /Aluminum Platform.
  • Dual Rear Sprinkler.
  • Small Flashing Light on Top of Rear End Tank.
  • Spreading Salt Water and Snow-Melting Agent.

*All of our tanks are fully customizable with an array of different component options available. Below are some of our standard customizations that are available. If you are looking for a more specific component for your tanker, please contact us to discuss your options. And get the details from Seller.

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