20CBM 10MT 10T 10tons LPG Storage Tanker

Material:High Quality Carbon Steel Q345R
Gas line:DN50
Liquid line:DN50
Tank volume:20000Liters

Product Details


1. Purpose: For storage LPG, Liquid ammoina,Dimethyl ether,Iso-butane,Pentane and etc.

2. Available tank capacity of propane Storage Tank: 5m³~200m³,2ton~100tons


3. Manufacturing standards of propane Storage Tank : GB-150, ASME VIII Division I U STAMP, CCC, ISO9001 : 2008.

4. Optional for lpg gas plant equipments: LPG pump and motor, LPG compressor, volume flow meter, filling scales and lpg dispenser,ball valves,check valves,non-return valves,glass valve,strainer,by-pass valve and so on.

5. LPG pump: China famous brand and US Corken brand for optional.

6. Level gauge: China famous brand and International brand for optional.

7. Tank material: High quality carbon steel Q345R for pressure vessel.

8. Painting and LOGO: We can do the customized design of the painting and LOGO for each customer.

9. Certificate: ISO CCC SONCAP FERI and BV etc.

Prepare works before place the order to us

1. Buy or hire a land of this gas plant project.

2. Find a engineer to assist of the construction works or directly call us.

To all customers

1. Why we buy the LPG storage tanker and necessary accessories of the gas plant?

CLW group reply: To start the LPG business and make money.

2. How we can make big money from this business?

CLW group reply: Cooperate with reliable supplier and who can provide the professional suggestion to you.

3. What’s the reliable supplier?

CLW group reply: They will provide you all the necessary aceessories list for a complete gas plant

4. Purchasing concept

CLW group reply: Save time, earn enough moeny and have future.

5. Why choose us?

CLW group reply:  Long time experience in this LPG business and cooperated with many Nigeria, South American and Middle East professional engineers. Our LPG storage tanker and LPG accessories have been exported to more than 30 countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, UAE, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, LAOS and South America etc.

Available LPG Storage Tanker Size

20CBM 10MT LPG Storage Tanker

5CBM 2.5MT LPG Storage Tanker

10CBM 5MT LPG Storage Tanker

12CBM 6MT LPG Storage Tanker

15CBM 7.5MT LPG Storage Tanker

20CBM 10MT LPG Storage Tanker

25CBM 12.5MT LPG Storage Tanker

32CBM 16MT LPG Storage Tanker

40CBM 20MT LPG Storage Tanker

50CBM 25MT LPG Storage Tanker

60CBM 30MT LPG Storage Tanker

65CBM 32MT LPG Storage Tanker

80CBM 40MT LPG Storage Tanker

100CBM 50MT LPG Storage Tanker

105CBM 52MT LPG Storage Tanker

120CBM 60MT LPG Storage Tanker

200CBM 100MT LPG Storage Tanker

Available Level Gauge for 5-200CBM LPG Storage Tanker

①Float Ball type level gauge

②Magnetic reversible level gauge



Parameter of 20CBM 7MT 8MT LPG Storage Tanker
Volume 20cbm Thickness of Shell 10mm
Tank Material Q345R Thickness of End plate 12mm
Overall Size 8174*1820*2410 mm Tank Net Weight 4820 kg
Tank Diameter 1800mm Loading Capacity 7980 kg
Design Pressure 1.77Mpa Gas Density 420-550kg/M3
Hydraulic Test Pressure 2.22Mpa Corrosion Allowance 1mm
Design Temperature -20ºC~60ºC Heat Treatment Bulk
Vapor Outlet DN50 Gas Outlet DN50
Life time 20 years
Model Item Qty Junction surface
J41N-2.5-50 Stop Valve DN50 6 RF
J41N-2.5-25 Stop Valve DN25 2 RF
J41N-2.5-80 Stop Valve DN80 1 RF
J24W-320-DN6 J24W Needle Valve M20*1.5 1
HG21584-95 Magnetic plate level Gauge UZFAL-2.5RF-3040-0.5 1 RF
A42F-25-80 Safety Valve DN80 1 RF
Y-100T Pressure Gauge M20*1.5 1.5degree 0~4Mpa 1
WTQ-280 Thermometer M33*2 2.5 degree 1 -40ºC~60ºC

After-sales Service

1. Provide English operation manual and Instruction videos.
2. One year free warranty for major 3 components: engine, gearbox, axles; One set of easily worn spare parts of truck chassis for free; Spare parts supplied at factory price whenever needed.
3. Aftersales service whenever needed. Our engineers will go to customer’s country to assist the installation and operation if order QTY.is more than 10 units.

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