10,000Liters 5tons Liquid Petroleum Gas Skid Station

5MT LPG Skid Station
12.5kg Cylinder Filling
Digital Gas Filling Scale
Full Filling System

10,000Liters 5tons Liquid Petroleum Gas Skid Station

Product Description

1.    LPG Skid Station for cooking gas refilling in home use cylinder in different size.
2.    One Station with 2 Function: Truck Discharging & Cylinder Refilling with 1 Pump
3.    Digital Filling Scale with Auto Filling Cut-off, Thousans of Record Keeping, net & Gross Filling
4.    Pump: Vane Pump & Coro-Flo Pump, Turbine Pump, Corken or Blackmer Brand.
5.    Motor: ABB or SIEMENS Brand, Static-free, 380V 3 Phase, 5.5KW to 10KW
6.    Pipeline: 2″ Steel pipe with safety return valve, strainer, one-way valve, cut-off valves.
7.    Explosive Proof Central Control Panel for whole station system
8.    Other Equipment: Sunshade for filling area, Leakage Detector.

Product Specifications

Accessories list of lpg tank
Parts No Size Parts Name Model No.
a DN50 Cut-off Valve for Drain Outlet J41N-2.5-50
b DN50 Cut-off Valve for Liquid Phase Outlet J41N-2.5-80
c1 DN50 Cut-off Valve for Gas Phase Balance Outlet J41N-2.5-50
c2 DN50 Cut-off Valve for Gas Phase Balance Outlet J41N-2.5-50
d DN50 Cut-off Valve for Liquid Inlet J41N-2.5-50
i DN50 Cut-off Valve for Air Drain Outlet J41N-2.5-50
f1 / f2 DN25 Magnetic Level Gauge J41N-2.5-25
e M33*2 Thermometer WTQ-280
g M20*1.5 Pressure Meter Y-100T
/ / Ball floating Level Meter HG21584-95
h DN80 Safety Valve A42F-25
j DN450 Manhole HG20592-WN
Remark The f1, f2 is the Magnetic Level Gauge. But the Ball Floating Level Meter is recommended for you.
Accessories list of skid station
Item name Model Number Quantity
CORKEN pump and ABB motor Z2000EGAEE 1 Piece
Digital filing scale / 4 Pieces
Safety Reverse Valve AH42F-25DN25 1 Piece
Check Valve H42N-40DN50 2 Pieces
Pipe Safety Valve A21F-25 DN15 1 Piece
Discharging pipe L=4M DN50/DN25 1 Piece
Shock-absorbing Tube L=500mm DN50 2 Pieces
Filling Gun pipe L=2M 3 Pieces
Elbow Cap DN65 2 Pieces
Elbow Cap DN50 10 Pieces
Alarm system QJ-D-99F 2 Pieces
Flange 2.5MPaDN65 1 Piece
Flange 2.5MPaDN50 50 Pieces
Flange 2.5MPaDN32 1 Piece
Flange 2.5MPaDN25 8 Pieces
Flange 2.5MPaDN15 20 Pieces
Metal gasket DN65 5 Pieces
Metal gasket DN50 80 Pieces
Metal gasket DN32 2 Pieces
Metal gasket DN25 10 Pieces
Metal gasket DN20 2 Pieces
Metal gasket DN15 30 Pieces
8.8 degree Bolt 16*70 300 Pieces
8.8 degree Bolt 12*55 100 Pieces
Bottom Base / 1 Piece

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